God Made Everything

We have all grown up around some narrative of how we came to be, whether it came from a Christian worldview or not. That narrative that we learn and embrace matters. How we believe we came to be matters so much for how we see ourselves, and how we see our purpose here on earth. That is why it is so massively important for kids to gain an understanding of WHO made them and WHY they are here on this earth. This month, our early childhood area in City Kids is in a series called “Scavenger Hunt”, and it is ALL about the story of creation. The bottom line is simple: “God made me.” The memory verse is Genesis 1:31 (NlrV):

“God saw everything that he made. And it was very good.”

We truly believe that the Truth represented in Genesis can be transformational for the life of every child. This month, I would encourage you to open the Bible with your child and read through Genesis 1 and 2 with them. This doesn’t require you to be a theologian or know all the answers. When you simply enter the scriptures alongside your children, God will use it to open their heart to what He has to say. When a child grasps that they are wonderfully made, and not an accident, it can change the trajectory of how they see God, themselves, others, and how they approach their purpose. As your kiddos go through this month, don’t miss the opportunity to bring this truth to life in your child’s world. Parent Cue, the amazing parent resource app (Go install it!), lays out some great and easy ways to help your child grasp the creation of the world throughout their day:

Morning Time

When you go into your child’s room, say: “Good morning! God made light and dark (turn bedroom lights on and off), and God made you!”

Drive Time

While on the go, tell your child that God made everything–the sun, trees, animals–everything!

Cuddle Time

Cuddle with your child and pray: “God, thank You for making the light, dark, sky, and water. Help us see You when we look at the things You made.”

Bath Time

Add a few squirts of shaving cream to bath time and pretend they are clouds. Talk about how God made the sky.

Pastor Jeremiah StorksonThese are some practical tips from Parent Cue that can help you connect with your child as they learn about God creating the earth! Go install the Parent Cue app to see each week’s practical tips, along with some amazing encouragements for you, the parent. I am so grateful that City Kids can come alongside your family and partner with you! If you have any questions, or need further resources, feel free to reach out to me at jeremiah.storkson@citychurchok.com